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About Us

For decades we have been having fun in rolling out and drive adoption of modern Talent Acquisition platform.

Despite the Full HCM Suite trend on the market such as SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle, CornerStones… We at RHAEGAL strongly believe that Recruiting is a Team Sport. To drive Quantity and Qualitative Talent, your Recruiting « tool » must remain standalone in your HRIS architecture. Recruiting is changing at a very fast pace. Recruiting, compared to others HR processes, is the only one that needs a massive interaction with internal and external users. In a Digital world, not to say Talent war, Candidates need to be considered as Clients. A full suite vendor will have difficulties to run and update the Core of its Suite, Recruiting will rarely have a top priority on their Roadmap. Companies that still want to be here in the next 10 years must manage existing employees with an appropriate Talent Management Suite, but need to consider a Talent Acqusition Platform with true collaborative Sourcing/CRM capabilities

In the galaxy of Recruiting Solutions, we have focused our expertise on two leaders – OTAC (AKA Taleo), an Oracle solution and the Hiring Success Platform powered by SmartRecruiters.


Running the Run : Reaching a Go Live phase is always a great step in a project. It’s not final in the Cloud world and now it’s time to secure the run of your recruiting platform, drive adoption through optimization, expand to new countries, face organisations changes, update configuration, KPI… We make it easy and under control for you diam.


Roll out with Success : First ATS emerged in 2000 to reach a massive adoption very quickly, today almost every companies run an ATS or less but still are looking for their first Talent Acquisition Platform. We are are cetified on Taleo and SmartRecruiters with a unique experience and methodology that drive success and adoption of your Recruiting platform to success


Tech Corner: We have developped Admin adds-on to make your SmartRecruiters life even more productive and simple ; as always with the intent to tackle tangible and fast ROI. Create your Data2Smart Account, select and subscribe to your option, access your Admin Tool Kit immediately. If you need another Tech assistance – interface, data import/export, new screen conception, click here (=>formulaire de contact/chat conversationnel pour cadrer la demande). We’ll answer any request.



Tell us more about what you want to acheive, we could certainly have a great discussion and may be a plan.


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